What our clients are saying

“Fourth State Metals stands at the leading edge of art fabrication.  They are artists who learned computers, and then bought a barn full of robots.  Art problems+4th state= Barn answers +laser smiles”
– Michael Byrnes / Leo Villareal

“It was nervous for me to build the largest metal sculpture that I ever have made for the public art fund at central park. I thought it will be very complicated and work intense. and I am sure it was, but not for me. 4th state took care of it and I was able to enjoy the production and the installation. At the end there was nothing I would change. Happy artist."
“It all starts with an idea and simple scribble on paper. They transformed that into functional technical drawings. This was the time we discussed all the details. I am always surprised that the possibilities at this moment are limitless. The imaginary sculpture grows from a vague idea into a
full grown project. The moment to get real, from pencil to metal. I like this moment."
– Olaf Breuning

"Over the last 5 years, Isaac, Dave and their team at 4th State have helped us fabricate components for some of our more unusual structures, on very demanding timelines.  They tackle each project with enthusiasm and a desire to realize the vision without compromise to the design.  They have the capacity and the willingness to help build any idea that comes through their door."
Studio KCA