Our Process

We are always happy to consult at any point in the design and fabrication process to insure the best outcome for fabrication.  This is an overview of the process that we have developed for producing high quality work to specification: 

  • First we discuss the application of the object that our client would like made, whether it is purely functional or highly aesthetic. When we have come to an agreement on what we are making and how, we then discuss the quote, production schedule and deadline. 
  • We create a 3D model and drawing set, which allows our client to virtually see the object and understand how we intend to make it before we go into production.  
  • Once our client has approved this model, or given us notes for revision, we order materials and submit technical drawings to our fabricators. 
  • We then proceed to production, during which one of our highly skilled craftsmen oversees the production of the piece until it is completed.
  • When the piece is completed and approved by a project manager, we contact our client for pick up, delivery or installation. 

We employ many specialized fabricators including machinists, welders, finishers, and CNC tool operators. This allows us to produce a wide variety of metal work, making objects that require many different skill sets all in one place.

While primarily focusing on art and architectural fabrication, 4th State remains diversified in both its clientele and skill-set in an effort to handle almost any metal fabrication job that comes in the door. In 2015, we opened our second location in Poughkeepsie NY.  This location is a multi building facility which houses several other craftsmen and trades.