Principal owners Isaac Zal and David Markusen Weiss founded 4th State LLC in 2005 in Williamsburg Brooklyn.   While attending high school, they spent their free time working together on projects such as making a home-made distillery and building go-karts.

During college, Dave majored in mechanical engineering and Isaac studied sculpture. After graduation they both worked for master craftsman Michael Talley building architectural and artistic objects in metal.  In 2005, with Michael’s blessing and oversight, they decided to found their own company with a spring board contract for the fabrication of the Adam Clayton Powell memorial sculpture on 125th Street in Harlem NY for artist Branley Cadet. Starting in a 1,500 square foot space with a computer, a TIG welder, a press brake, and a CNC plasma cutter, the company now occupies a combined 20,000 square foot multi-location footprint with thousands of pounds of metal working equipment and over 10 full time employees.

4th State LLC has never advertised, instead relying exclusively on referrals and word of mouth for all business.  Dave and Isaac attribute the success of this business strategy to the principles with which they run the company :

  • Run a company you would want to work for.
  • Allow the customer to fully understand the process, and the product they are purchasing.
  • Do the best job that the time and budget will allow for.

While primarily focusing on art and architectural fabrication, 4th State remains diversified in both its clientele and skill set in an effort to handle almost any metal fabrication job that comes in the door. In 2015, we opened our second location in Poughkeepsie NY.  This location is a multi building facility which houses several other craftsmen and trades.



Isaac has been welding since the young age of 12, when he apprenticed with the metal sculptor Cobert C. Collins   Throughout high school he continued his apprenticeships in an art deco furniture fabrication shop and under a master bronze caster. He continued his education studying sculpture at SUNY Purchase where he received a BA in fine art.  His primary focus in college was interactive and functional metal sculpture, eventually arriving at experimental musical instruments. During the final years of college, Isaac worked at several Brooklyn based metal shops, including Iron Age and Firebrand Industries.

Being an artist himself, Isaac brings an instinctive understanding of the artistic process to 4th State. He has extensive metal working knowledge, which allows the team to draw upon many possible techniques for solving a given problem.

Outside of work, Isaac's interests include scientific education, experimental music, sculpture, sailing, and traveling.



After receiving his mechanical engineering degree in 2004 from University of Wisconsin - Madison, Dave co-founded 4th State in Brooklyn NY.   He brings to the partnership a keen understanding of mechanical principles, extensive 3d modeling experience, and a disciplined approach to system organization.  Dave combines solid pragmatism with outside of the box thinking in his approach to problem solving and design.

When he's not in the shop, Dave’s interests include motorcycles, farming, and green energy solutions.